Advancements in Fingerprint Scanners

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Fingerprint scanning is one of the most popular methods to implement biometric validation or security. While biometric devices such as iris scanners are used in fewer facilities, fingerprint readers and OEM components are used for a variety of applications by leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions across the globe. In fact, their implementation has become so viable that they can be found embedded even in laptops and mobile devices. Fingerprint scanners are used in the form of stand-alone devices or USB embedded scanners. Some of the most popular fingerprint scanners in the market currently are the EKION Privacy Manager in the USB category and Secugen Hamster IV among standalone scanners.

The actual fingerprint identification process varies slightly between different systems but the basis of identification remains the same. Standard systems comprise of a scanner and a processor, which stores, compares and matches the scanned print against the predefined database. In large government organizations, biometric devices in particular fingerprint scanners play a huge role in employee identification and security.

Some of the most popular companies manufacturing fingerprint readers and OEM components are Crossmatch, Lumidigm Nitgen and Secugen. These firms design, develop and manufacture hardware and software required for different kinds of biometric devices and systems. Latent print image deletion; fingerprint template encryption; fingerprint reader recognition and multi-device connection are some of the useful features achieved by today’s biometric software. The developer kits and software are used to create desired modules or systems for healthcare, security, attendance and payroll and control systems.

The test for quality in fingerprint scanners is a certification by the FBI for the device in question. The latest biometric fingerprint reader to receive this certification is the second version of the SecuGen Hamster IV. It is an improvement over the first version and significantly different from the Secugen Hamster III. The attributes that differentiate it from other fingerprint scanners are its auto-on and smart capture features, ensuring higher quality and eliminating the need of prompting the reader for every scan.

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Advancements in Fingerprint Scanners

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This article was published on 2011/12/29