Fingerprint Identification and Fingerprint SDK

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Out of all the biometric identification techniques, fingerprint identification is the most well-known. Identifying people by their fingerprints has been going on since the late 19th century. These days, the procedure has become automated as a result of computing advancements, such as Fingerprint SDK.

The Identification Procedure

When a fingerprint reader scans the finger, it sees dark lines for the high, peaking portions of a ridge, and white for the space between any two ridges. The finger is mainly identified by analyzing the minutiae, or the location and direction of the ridge splits and endings.

Hardware and Software

Fingerprint reading can be done with a variety of sensors – optical, ultrasound, capacitive, and thermal. The most common type of sensors is optical sensors. These sensors work by taking the finger’s image. Fingerprint matching is mainly done in two ways – minutiae matching and pattern matching. The most commonly used methods is minutiae matching. In this method the minutiae points on the finger are considered for identification. The other method, pattern matching, involves a comparison between two images for similarities.

Griaule Fingerprint SDK

The purpose of Fingerprint SDK is to allow integration of biometrics in a variety of applications, such as authorization systems and transaction systems. The kit complies with ISO 19794-2 as well as ANSI 378-2004, and it can be used with Windows as well as Linux. The kit for Windows can be used with different languages through either JAVA or ActiveX, DLL, and .NET. The kit for Linux enables Java users to make cross-platform programs that can utilized with Gnu/Linux.

SDK Features

Given below are features of this fingerprint SDK:

- It offers a fingerprint capture speed of 35,000 prints per second.

- It enables consolidation of templates. The user can consolidate multiple samples into one template to make the template better, and thus increase the rate of identification.  

- The template consolidation option also helps in reducing the size of the database and reducing the time taken for print recognition by eliminating the need of having multiple samples of a finger.  

- An unlimited number of people can use it for one-to-multiple scanning.


The Fingerprint SDK requires a Pentium processor (i386). The system should have free disk space of at least 20Mb. The kit can be utilized with Win Vista, Win Server 2003, Win XP Professional, Win XP Home, Win XP Media Center, Win XP Tablet PC and Win 2000.

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Available at 360, the Griaule Fingerprint SDK is a product that allows integration of biometrics in a variety of applications.

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Fingerprint Identification and Fingerprint SDK

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Fingerprint Identification and Fingerprint SDK

This article was published on 2012/04/05