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Biometric security has become an integral part of the security measures of every country in the world today. In fact the use of biometric devices is no more limited to fingerprint access control and has transcended to other areas of life. In Brazil, for example, citizens have been using a fingerprint-based biometric identity card since 2000. The biometric ID cards contain a 2D bar code which includes information such as a color photo image, two fingerprints, signature and other personal details. Also in 2005, the Brazilian government introduced e-passports.

With the country gradually adopting biometrics in every walk of life, the Brazilian government decided to undertake an ambitious project in 2008 to eliminate chances of fraud in the driving tests conducted by the numerous driving institutes in the country. The project was undertaken by the Brazilian Dept. of Transport (DETRAN) and was based on fingerprint identification. It was first implemented in the Parana State in southern Brazil. The aim was to develop coming-of-age fingerprint live-scan systems, to be installed in every driving institute, to successfully scan and verify the attendees' fingerprints. The project has been a pioneer in checking fraudulent measures being adopted during driving tests. The live-scan systems served the purpose of fingerprint identification, fingerprint access control, and fingerprint attendance at the same time.

The success of such large scale projects depends on the availability of excellent fingerprint readers. Futronic FS80 USB fingerprint scanner is the kind of fingerprint reader that fits the bill perfectly. Coming from the stable of Futronic, a market-leader in fingerprint readers and scanners, the fingerprint scanner is a reliable and user-friendly device. It features Live Finger Detection technology that can easily differentiate between a live finger and its fake counterpart and hence makes the fingerprint scanner suitable for live-scanning systems. The scanner can easily sense a live finger and promptly rejects fingers made of play-doh or silicone rubber.

The scanning surface of Futronic FS80 is made of crown glass of thickness 14 mm and is more rigid than the usual optical type or semi-conductor fingerprint scanners, thereby making it suitable for installations in public places. Further its CMOS sensor technology ensures distortion-free images at a high speed. The fingerprint readerdelivers high quality fingerprint images even from dry, scarred and wet fingers, all thanks to the 4 infra-red LEDs which have adjustable intensity. These LEDs improve the illumination of the system to a great extent.

Futronic FS80 USB Fingerprint Scanner supports all leading OS viz. Windows XP Home, Windows Vista or even MS Windows 2000. With an accuracy range of FAR-10-6 and FAR-10-2, the scanner ensures extremely accurate and distinct image.

Needless to say, these features of the fingerprint scanner make it suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from identification to access control to attendance calculations.

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Futronic FS80 Fingerprint Scanner

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This article was published on 2011/03/26