How to clean your fingerprint Scanner

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One of the most widespread applications of Biometrics is fingerprint scanning. There is a tremendous utilization of fingerprint scanners today, be it for computer devices that come with an integrated fingerprint scanning device or high security organizations that use fingerprint scanning for secure access. Fingerprint scanning devices can be used for identification as well as recognition. The device has two basic functions, first is to capture the finger print image and then check whether the image matches the pre-scanned images. A typical fingerprint scanner consists of a sensor that scans a fingerprint and a processor that stores the fingerprint image and compares with the pre-scanned images in the database. The prevalent techniques deployed in a scanning device use optical sensors or capacitive sensors to capture a fingerprint image.

One of the implementation of biometrics systems that is widely accepted these days is Fingerprint door lock, as it eliminates the inconvenience of carrying keys or ID cards or memorizing passwords. The sensor of a fingerprint scanner is in constant human contact and tends to accumulate dust, grime and other foreign particles on the scanning device. With extensive usage, like any other electronic device a fingerprint door lock can get damaged. Using industry solvents to wipe the device can harm the sensitive surface of the sensor. There can be a decrease in the capture sensitivity of the sensor that may lead to failure of recognition of fingerprints. To clean the scanning surface, apply a piece of scotch tape and peel it off gently, it should remove any traces of dirt or dust from the sensor surface. If the scanner is very grimy or cloudy due to heavy usage, use a lint-free cloth or a cotton swab dabbed in mild ammonia based cleaner, rub it gently across the surface of the scanner and blot the surface dry. Do not use paper products to wipe the sensor surface and do not pour or spray any cleaner directly on the sensor. It is recommended that hands should be clean before using fingerprint scanners. Measures should be taken not to touch the surface with fingernails and sharp or rough objects.

Biometrics has proved to be boon for large organizations, especially those that follow high measures to keep their data confidential and prevent illegal access and at the same time they have provided an increased level of home security and convenience to the common man. Proper maintenance of Biometric systems is essential to give them a longer lifespan and sustain their workability.

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How to clean your fingerprint Scanner

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This article was published on 2011/07/19