Why retail industry should use fingerprint systems for workforce management

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The retail industry is experiencing huge losses due to absenteeism, more so cause of ‘buddy punching’ or ‘ghost punching’. Buddy punching is when a colleague logs in and logs out for another employee. An international research company, Nucleus Research has stated that buddy punching has resulted in huge payroll losses for a large number of organizations. According to this research company, use of biometric devices like fingerprint access control can eradicate buddy punching which can account for more than $4 million annually for an organization with 5,000 employees.

The concept of fingerprint attendance can optimize the workforce and help the retail industry in encouraging high employee attendance. At the point of entry, a fingerprint reader is installed to a time clock and every employee has to scan his/her finger to log in and to log out. Because of the uniqueness of fingerprints, colleagues will not be able to buddy punch for other employees in the company. A biometric door lock will provide a unique way of staff identification, resulting in better workforce management.

Fingerprint attendance allows accurate identification for each employee. It notes the log in and log out time of every employee thus providing proper account of extra work hours and number of leaves taken. Fingerprint time and attendance systems like BayClock 2200 and BayClock 3000 GPRS provide fingerprint access control in retail industries. Retail industries are always looking for ways to optimize labor and improve payroll processing. Implementation of such attendance systems helps them achieve a smooth workflow and administration.

There are a variety of models, with different features and capabilities of fingerprint systems available in the market today. Before investing into one, retail industries should define and prioritize their requirements and then go for the product that fits their business and technical requirements. The system should suit the physical environment of the industry and the number of employees in the organization. Apart from using these attendance systems to log employee attendance, installing biometric door lock can prevent unauthorized physical access and improve human resource productivity.

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Why retail industry should use fingerprint systems for workforce management

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Why retail industry should use fingerprint systems for workforce management

This article was published on 2011/07/27